Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Choosing a venue: Part 2

We found a place to have our wedding; ceremony and reception. It's little, there are claims that it can accomodate 102 people, but that's without a dance floor or a buffet and having 6 people sit at chairs without any tables. Realistically, it can hold 88 folks, if we want our guests to have enough space to move around and mingle.

We love it because it's simple, and cheap, and we now have an actual viable excuse as to why we can't invite everyone and their brother, because there simply just isn't enough space. I love that tables and chairs and outdoor space is included in the price. The space is $200 for the hall & $200 for the sanctuary. We're so in love with the fact that we can have a church feel wedding without actually being religious. They're letting us use a Justice of the Peace in their sanctuary. I love how they're not charging us hourly, and how there's no secret pricing.

I never wanted a big wedding, mainly because my social circle is small and I get uncomfortable in large crowds. My favorite gentleman in the world whispers to me that he wants to elope... only he does it when he thinks I'm sleeping because he knows that despite my cheapskate ways, I want a wedding so bad. 

So in less than a year, we will be wed! And here is more info on our finally chosen venue.


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